Wellness Workshops 

Renewable Health Wellness Workshops are interactive, educational, and fun. Each workshop is designed to equip participants with simple and doable steps that can move them closer to their wellness goals.  By providing wellness workshops each month, your organization will feel supported and develop teamwork in building a community of wellness that encourages confidence and renewed health throughout the year. 

Renewable Health Wellness Workshops Include:

  1. 1 Hour Interactive Power Point Presentation
  2. Notes, Resources, Samples, and Gifts
  3. Q & A and Support Before During and After the Workshop

Lunch and Learn Workshops meet the time and financial needs of a busy office, while offering employees support with areas such as energy, restorative sleep, optimal weight, etc. - See workshop options below 

Print off a packet of information for your HR department: 

 Schedule  Description  Biography


   JANUARY: O2B Sugar Free
   FEBRUARY: Heart Health
   MARCH: Weigh Less - Live More (CANCELLED COVID-19)
   APRIL: Eating 4 Energy (CANCELLED COVID-19)
   MAY: Recipe for Strong Bones
   JUNE: Brain Power
   JULY: Inflammation
   AUGUST: Dynamic Digestion
   SEPTEMBER: Renewable Beauty
   OCTOBER: Aging with Grace
   NOVEMBER: Dodging Diabetes
   DECEMBER: Renewable Sleep

    Seasonal Workshop: Healthy for the Holiday

 To schedule a workshop for your company or organization fill in the contact box on this page and print off the PDF documents for your HR department.

Renewable Health Workshops


~Overcoming the Weight Gain "Pit of Despair"

Have you ever wondered why you get stuck and self-sabotage your own weight loss efforts?  Join us for inspiration and resources that can change your perspective on weight and dieting for life. Learn what it takes to safely losing inches while still feeling satisfied, successful, and happy. You can start today - break free from the weight gain "pit of despair" and discover the real power behind will power! 


~Dissolving Sugar Cravings

This interactive class provides guidance and practical tools that will help you dissolve your sugar cravings. You will learn why sugar is so addictive and how you can change your relationship with sugar for life!


~Super Foods for Super Energy

What would your life be like with abundant energy and vitality?  In this workshop you will learn 4 factors that decrease our energy, 4 foods we need to build energy, 4 nutrients that are essential every day, and 4 ways to recharge your batteries. Sample some super nutrients that can give you an energy boost without chemicals and artificial stimulants! 


~Putting Sleep-less-ness to Rest

Now is the time to put sleep-less-ness to rest. Sleep deprivation is a chronic condition that affects millions of people every night.  Discover four important reasons our health relies on restorative sleep and take home five action steps that can change your sleep pattern and help you find rest.


~ Building Blocks for Balancing Blood Sugar

In this workshop you will discover the building blocks for balancing blood sugar.  Learn why we currently have an epidemic of Diabetes in our country and how we can prevent it in our own life.  By dodging diabetes we increase our energy, protect our vascular system, and maintain a healthy weight for life.


~Building Better Belly Health

At least 70% of our immune system is located in our gut. This workshop will help you identify food and lifestyle habits that reduce the effectiveness of our digestion. You will learn important steps for  building better belly health and repairing the gut lining. Doctors say that health begins in the gut!Excellent class to pair with the Fresh Start Cleanse program.


~Growing a Skeleton that Lasts

How do we keep our bones strong, healthy, and growing for life?  This workshop is packed with information for growing a skeleton that lasts.  We will discuss current treatment protocols and food and lifestyle habits that are either the enemy OR the friend of our bones. You will receive resources that can help you build strong and healthy bones for life! 


~The Key's to Living Healthy Ever After

This workshop will provide you with the keys to living healthy by slowing the aging process and possibly turning back the hands of time.  Learn what quickly ages our body - and what it needs to stay youthful with a sharp mind, strong heart, and powerful immune system. Join us as we learn to age with grace together!


~ Living Chemical Free Inside and Out

Are you tired of looking and feeling old? Our body is constantly being bombarded with chemicals. Toxic compounds are abundant in our air, water, and food. Learn how to clean up and clear out chemical toxins in- on- and around your home and body. Learn what tools our body needs to build healthy eyes, skin, and hair. Receive recipes and resources to crowd out toxins and build a vibrant beautiful and chemical free life.


~Conquering Seasonal Temptation and Stress

What is your plan for staying healthy this holiday season?  Winter sickness can knock us down like a big snow ball!  Learn practical steps for staying well this season.  Embrace the spirit of the season with less temptation and more love, joy, and peace! Be ready this year to charge through the holiday like a champion!


~Exercising a Healthy Mind

A healthy brain is the goal of everyone.  In this Brain Booster workshop we will discuss what it takes to renew your brain for life.  You will learn what accelerates brain aging and how to stop the progression. We will cover important lab work that can tell you critical information about your brain health, and what you can do to boost your brain power in effective lifelong ways.


~Evading the Silent Killer

We don’t always feel inflammation- that is why it’s known as the “silent killer”.  Join us to learn what causes inflammation and what inflammatory markers look like.  Learn how specific lab work can provide you with the tools you need to be proactive against inflammation in your body.  Receive valuable food and lifestyle resources that may significantly reduce inflammation and many disease related illnesses associated with it.


~Nourishing the Beat of Life

This workshop gets to the heart of health.  Learn how to nourish and protect your heart with information about healthy cholesterol, balancing blood pressure, along with effective heart centered breathing techniques that train your heart to adapt to stress and change in a healthy way.  Vital information for life long wellness - because when your heart stops... nothing else matters!



Nutritional Therapist, Integrative Holistic Health Coach


Is it time to clean your filter?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you live on a diet of processed foods?
  • Do you eat excess sugar and carbs throughout the day?
  • Do you feel congested, bloated or constipated?
  • Are you 10 or more pounds over your ideal weight?
  • Do you lack energy and often fell tired?
  • Is your skin lacking a healthy glow?
  • Is your hair lacking shine and bounce?
  • Are your nails brittle or have ridges and dips?
  • Do you feel like you are in a fog… not on your game?
  • Have you ever been through a cleansing detox program?

Benefits you may experience:

  • Reduced Cravings
  • Improved Vitality and Energy
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity
  • Improved Circulation
  • Inch loss
  • Identify obesogens and toxic overload

eBook Program Includes:

  • Prep Day Instructions & 7 day plan
  • Recipes - green juices, smoothies, salads, and soups
  • Shopping list for cleanse
  • Day 8 reintroduction phase
  • Trigger Food Information
  • Daily Inspiration      

Fresh Start Cleanse is included with all of the Renewable Health Coaching programs.

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"Loved the Eating for Energy Workshop.  Great examples of Super Foods!"

- Christy

"Useful tips, practical advice, and a positive message!"

- Susan

Great info, always very informative, good to know the science behind my sleep challanges!"

- Monica

"The food was amazing! Perfect time for reminder of healthy habits!"


"Very Thorough, to the point and informative. Also, speakers are nice and funny!  Great Job!"


"Very satisfied! I would definitely recommend this workshop to my coworkers!"


"I am much more aware of my health habits now."


"The workshop was a lot of fun! I really liked having the speakers come into our office to do the presentation instead of through a webinar"


"It reinforced that my health habits are good and that I should continue with those behaviors."


"Lots of information, well spoken, slow speaking, easy to understand.  I felt healthier just being here!"


"Very good information and I learned a lot of things that I didn't know. I thought it was great! "


"Traci gave lots of good information."


"Traci is clear, upbeat, and realistic with making changes in life. I liked the 3 steps that power weight loss ideas."