Tapping in to the Benefits of Water

Are you tapping in to the great benefits of water? Hydration is a critical function of every cell in our body and there is no substitute, without it we die! You can live a month without food but will die in a few days without water. It's an essential element in the body that is critical for wellness.

Seventy five percent of the body is composed of water at birth. This percentage decreases as we age. Quick solutions to wellness can be found by keeping the body hydrated. When our body has an adequate water supply we flourish like a healthy plant...when we deprive ourselves; we shrivel and die. Your individual daily requirements vary depending on body weight, medications, and how your body assimilates and processes. You'll need to experiment to learn the amount that works best for you.



  • Flushes out toxins 
  • Regulates our temperature
  • Protects our tissue and organs
  • Transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body
  • Contributes to weight loss
  • Increases brain function
  • Cleanses our pores

Cool Water Tips

1. Drink between meals.  Drinking during meals will diminish the level of acidity in the stomach by diluting the gastric juices and decreasing digestion efficiency.  Drink before and after your meal, but only sip during.

2. Drink a large glass of water when you wake up to activate your body’s cleansing mechanisms.

3. Coffee, alcohol, and carbonated drinks actually dehydrate the body and leech out vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.  Remember 2 for 1: two glasses of water for each cup of coffee, soft drink, alcoholic drink.

4. Diet drinks add artificial sweeteners and chemicals to your system. Choose water first. It will reduce ghrelin (your hunger hormone) and you may find that you no longer crave the diet drink.  

Dehydration is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue and headaches. With a wide variety of drinks available its easy to forget how important drinking plain clean water is for life. 

Dangers from the Tap

Don’t assume your tap is pure!  Concerns to our tap exist with lead pipes, mercury, cadmium, nitrates, and pesticides.  Synthetic hormones and pharmaceutical drugs are also being found in many of our water sources.

Chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride add to the evidence of impurity. These compounds may prevent microbial contamination, yet have been found, even in regulated amounts, to be dangerous to our health.

In the United States the World Health Organization has found that one out of every four cases of bladder cancer in non-smokers is due to the chlorination of tap water.  They found that as the chlorine interacted with the organic material in the tap water it was responsible for the appearance of these carcinogenic elements.  They also found that if the chlorine was added at the end of the treatment process, when the levels of organic material in the water are very low, the problem ceased to exist.

Most believe they still have a safe water source. However, don't be fooled. Have your water tested and explore the idea of using a water filter.

Water is a simple wellness building block!

"We are virtually walking water containers."




Dry itchy skin

Constant sneezing

Urinary-tract infections

Dry coughs

Foul breath

Drink  before  you feel thirsty!

Why Not Test?

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