Trehalose a Beneficial Sugar

Trehalose is a beneficial sugar that is showing to have positive effects toward blood sugar and brain function. Research is ongoing... but well worth following!

Trehalose is considered one of the good sugars.  It is sometimes referred to as mushroom sugar because it is found in significant amounts in specific mushrooms.  The natural substance is also found in algae, honey, lobster, brewer’s yeast, and desert plants.  

Although no medical claims are being made at this time, this sugar may indeed be a helpful brain food. Studies are currently being done on the beneficial effects that Trehalose may have on Alzheimer and Parkinson's conditions.

With a sweetness that is forty-five percent less than that of refined table sugar, many people have found Trehalose to be an effective way to balance blood sugar levels while still bringing a little "sweetness" into their lives.

Sweet Benefits 


  • looks like and pours like regular table sugar
  • is a sugar found in nature - is NOT a chemical sugar substitute.
  • leaves no after-taste
  • has positive effects on slowing premature aging
  • is a healthy option for diabetics and hypoglycemics
  • may help reduce sugar cravings
  • is easy to substitute in many recipes and dissolves adequately in cold drinks like ice tea and lemonade.

Trehalase Enzyme

The enzyme trehalase is used in two ways.  It is used to transport the sugar to where it is needed in the body and its used to split the trehalose molecule into two glucose molecules. Research is ongoing to determine the relationship between the metabolism of the body with the potential energy and performance benefits of trehalose.

A clinical study performed in the UK showed that ninety-eight percent of the population had no problems with this sugar. Two percent experienced a slight increase in gas.


Autophagy is a process that recycles long-lived proteins.  The name literally means, "The eating of oneself"!  This can be a very powerful strategy against specific neurodegenerative conditions.  New clinical studies with Trehalose are showing great progress in this area of treatment with the added benefit that this sugar is free of any toxic effects when given at high concentration. 

Further research is ongoing but the potential is very exciting for renewable health using natural food sourced strategies for wellness!

Sugar that is good for you!

Trehalose has a lower insulin and blood glucose response than white table sugar.

Helping our body balance blood sugar more effectively.

Trehalose can be purchased in bulk from the Endowment for Medical Research.