Finding Freedom from a Sugar Habit
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TNT Wellness Consulting has designed and recorded a series of 3-one hour classes... filled with expert guidance and practical tools to find freedom from a insatiable sugar habit!

  • Do you feel  powerless  against your cravings?
  • Have you  lost hope  in your ability to resist sweets?
  • Is sugar  consuming  every part of your life? 

Sugar cravings are a powerful indicator that our health needs attention and maintenance.

There are many reasons why our body craves sugar. Cravings may be a sign that our body is NOT getting the balance of nutrition that it needs.  It could also mean that our body is being taxed by an overload of daily stress or maybe your body is out of balance with proteins, carbs, and good fats. The most surprising factor is that SUGAR is highly addictive; similar to heroin or alcohol.  

Starting on a "sugar free me" path may not be easy.

Sugar and sugar substitutes are 4 times more addictive than cocaine”.      - U of Bordeux, 2007


With this important information, you may finally uncover WHY you crave, and begin the healthy journey back to your....




                                        Hosted By:                                                            Traci Woodcock & Theresa Devers                       Holistic Health Practitioners 



What's Included:

  • Three - 1 Hour Audio Training with Slides       
  • PDF Handouts for each session                                      
  • BONUS:  45 minute health history consultation          

Each week you’ll receive an action plan for choosing food that can sustain and balance your body, along with valuable tips and tools to get you through the cranky withdrawal symptoms. Everyone is different. What works for one person may not necessarily be the best fit for you. The key is finding what YOUR body needs by adjusting lifestyle and eating habits!

Start on a New Path Today! 

It's time to say

GOOD-BYE to sugar


to a Sugar Free Me!

Topics Include:

Session 1

Changing Our Relationship with Food

7 Primary Causes for Cravings

The Good - the Bad- and Artificial Sugar

Action steps 

Session 2

Is a Calorie Just a Calorie?

Crowding Out to Find Balance

How to Become a Fat Burning Machine

Glycemic Eating

Action Steps 

Session 3

Gut Busters

Building a Healthy Immune System

Reducing Inflammation

Action Steps

Do you constantly crave sweets and want to understand why?

Would you finally like to gain control and find balance in your life?

The key to change... letting go of fear.

It's time to break up with sugar!

Dear sugar:  It’s been sweet, but I am growing tired of our relationship.   You tempt me with every choice I make and my love for you has become addictive.  You left me nothing in return except longing and depression.  Why do I love you?  You are empty and destructive to my life… and yet I keep coming back for more. I am done with the seductive way you secretly consume me.  You are not the sweet relationship I once knew.  So Goodbye to your empty promises, I need to take care of myself…. I’m moving on to healthy and balanced outlook on life.

             SUGAR FREE ME              

3-part SERIES

Not Currently Available

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Traci and Theresa are Certified Holistic Health Practitioners experienced in nutritional replenishment, bio-individuality, and lifestyle balance. They have a passion for helping people live a healthy and dynamic life.  

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"This Information will save your life!"    - Terrina

"Great Information!"    - Mona

"Great Info & love the encouragement to replace w/other things until you can get it out of the diet." - Jenna

"Thanks for coming.  It was great information and I plan to persue some coaching!"

"Loved it!"

"Great Info Thanks!"

"Thank you! Very informative!"

"Great Session"- Gail

"Well put together and great slides.  Can't wait for the next session." - John

"Great to know more about the science behind sleep disorders!" -Monica

"There are so many things critically damaging our health that we may not even be aware of ie:) chronic inflammation.  These workshops bring these issues, and their solution, into the light. 

What I liked best about the workshop is the holistic approach Theresa and Traci take to health. 

I leave inspired after each session!"- Matthew

"Great Job! Loved the overall information. very thorough and to the point.  Also Theresa and Traci are nice and funny!" -Eden

"Great information and energy!" -Kelly