Glycemic Index for Weight Loss

Using glycemic index for weight loss is a valuable building block for increased energy, blood sugar balance, and longevity. 

Why eat low glycemic?

If you haven’t heard of a low glycemic index (GI) diet for weight loss,  you’ll be pleasantly surprised that knowing this one eating tip can make a huge difference in your health.  It is extremely beneficial for everyone to keep blood sugar levels balanced by choosing foods that balance your blood sugar levels throughout the day.

6 Key Benefits

  1. Encourages fat burning
  2. Hormone and mood stability
  3. Supports a proper balance of insulin and blood sugar levels
  4. Reduces pancreas stress and overload 
  5. Reduces hunger and cravings between meals
  6. Increases energy balance throughout the day

Learning how your body is unique is key to your success!

How is food indexed?

The science behind GI eating, helps us to understand how food generates an insulin response in our body. This is not a fad diet or eating specialty packaged foods, or using sugar substitutes.  This building block is about eating food that keeps your body energized and blood sugar balanced instead of eating food that spikes and drops your blood sugar.  This can be extremely damaging to your body overtime AND the major contributor to fat storage!  

5 Tips to Success

  1. Eat colorful vegetables and fruit using the Glycemic Guide Food List
  2. Take to the store a low GI food list. Eliminate highly processed meals that contain artificial colors, flavors, chemicals, and high fructose corn syrup.   
  3. Focus on the insulin response or "load" of foods instead of counting calories.
  4. Reduce stress and the hormone cortisol to stop the yo-yo effect of blood sugar bouncing and storage of fat. 
  5. Balance your eating with protein and good fats to reduce cravings and build energy without sugar.

Eating low GI foods will improve your energy levels and support your efforts in maintaining a healthy body weight.  If you stick to the foods that have a slow or low insulin response, you will see and feel the difference! Your body will learn to burn stored fat and you'll gain the increased energy you need to live a healthy and active life!

Fermented Food

Adding fermented food to the diet can significantly lower the glycemic response and give your gut beneficial bacteria that is essential to health. If you're body is having gut issues: difficulty with digestion, elimination, bloated and gassy you may need specific guidance and diet planning.

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