Fresh Start Cleanse

Are you ready for a fresh start? Detoxifying your liver can help if you lack energy, eat processed food, struggle with sugar cravings, travel, or breath environmental toxins every day.

The  liver is called the master organ in Chinese medicine because it is responsible for many important function of the body such as: blood purification and filtering toxins. The liver creates enzymes and produces bile making it instrumental in digestion, hormone and protein production. It also supports the body with optimal blood sugar regulation and storage.  Simple sugars such as fructose are digested directly through the liver.  When the diet consists of too much fructose it may develop a condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver.  As the liver becomes  "fat" it no longer filters toxins effectively.  This may lead to nutrient deficiencies and a toxic environment that affects organs such as the thyroid and adrenal glands. When weight gain, stress, and toxicity increase in our life... its time to do a little "tune up" on our liver to make sure it is doing it's job!

   Is it Time for a Cleanse?

  • Do you live on a diet of processed foods?
  • Do you eat excess sugar or carbohydrates?
  • Do you feel congested, bloated, or constipated?
  • Do you often feel tired?
  • Is your skin lacking a healthy glow?
  • Is your hair lacking shine and bounce?
  • Do you carry extra weight that you just can't seem to lose?
  • Are your nails brittle or have ridges and dips?
  • Do you feel like your brain is in a fog?

What is cleansing and detoxifying

Detoxing is when we take time out of our busy schedule to cleanse our liver and reduce inflammation in the digestive tract and body. The liver is our second largest organ - skin is #1 - and the liver acts as a filter to neutralize toxins in everything we eat, drink, breathe, and apply to our skin. When the liver functions optimally, we enjoy good energy, good hormone balance, good sleep, good moods and clear skin.

If not,  our liver could be contributing to PMS, weight gain, acne, joint pain, skin rashes, high cholesterol, depression/irritability, fatigue, and inflammation.

Fresh Start Cleanse

This program is conveniently delivered in an eBook format.  You can download it on your Kindle to read -  or your IPhone to have handy when you do your  shopping.

      Fresh Start Cleanse Includes: 

  • Shopping List and Recipes
  • Preparation Instructions for 7 days of cleansing with food
  • Step by Step Daily Guide
  • 7 days of Daily Inspiration
  • Reintroduction of "Trigger Food" Instructions
  • Resources and Support
  • BONUS: Optional -Complementary Phone Consultation with Traci - Nutritional Therapist/Holistic Health Coach

Jump start your wellness today!

Healthy Liver   Happy Life!

of Detox

*Reduced Cravings

*Improved Energy

*Mental Clarity

*Improved   Circulation

*Inch Loss

*Reduced Fatty Liver

Fresh Start eBook

Fresh Start Cleanse

eBook Includes all of the resources you'll need to complete a week of cleansing your liver and giving your body renewed health!

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