12 Renewable Building Blocks

Everyone wants a strategic plan to reach their goals, whether climbing a mountain, building a career, or losing weight.

These  12 Renewable Building Blocks can help you to create a strong foundation for optimal health and give you a natural blueprint for building a life long wellness plan, without adding products, fads, or gimmicks. Each block increases your ability to stand against illness and disease.  They require time and diligence and a little patience to see transformation happen.... however, the rewards of energy and vitality are lasting and well worth the effort!

1. Drink Filtered Water

Drink before you're thirsty!  Water is life to our body.  It is critically important to our lymphatic system for eliminating toxins and waste. Over 70% of our body is composed of water and every function in the body is dependent on water, including our brain and nervous system. Dehydration causes a lack of memory and focus, fatigue, headaches, and sleep issues, among many other physical symptoms such as muscle cramps, blurry vision, cravings, and heat stroke.  A minimum daily requirement is about half your body weight in ounces. You may think you'll be spending a lot of time in the bathroom... and you may be right!  However, keep in mind that every twenty-four hours, the body recycles the equivalent of forty thousand glasses of water to maintain its normal physiological function.  

2. Hydrate and Nourish for Beautiful Skin

What you put on your skin goes in your body! The secret to younger-looking skin comes from nourishing it with what it needs and reducing harmful toxins inside and out.  One of the nutrients your skin needs is complex sugar structures known as glycans.  By reducing harmful chemicals in your beauty products and adding in collagen and colorful alkaline rich foods, you will be on your way on a beautiful anti-aging path.

3. Eat Colorful Foods

Food is medicine! Eat a variety of fresh and colorful vegetables and fruit to give you a rich supply of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and phytonutrients.  Eat them in their raw and whole form for the beneficial synergy of eating food the way it was created.  It is difficult to get all of the nutrients that we need from diet alone. You may need to choosing a food form supplement can fill the gap.  Knowing want you are deficient of is really the key.  No one really wants to take a cupboard full of supplements everyday.  Specific blood work can evaluation nutrient depletions.  You can now have blood work done without making a doctors appointment.  Your Lab Work can be done on your terms with the results sent directly to your private account. Take back your health by knowing exactly where you need to start!  Check out "Your Lab Work"  

4. Boost Antioxidant Protection

Free radicals divide and conquer!  Eat lots of fresh fruit - especially berries, along with broccoli,spinach,  avocado, watercress.. just to name a few.  Avoid toxins whenever possible - in , on, and around your body. Even OVER-exercising can cause free radical damage. When supplementing use a high quality food form product that has a high ORAC-O value.  

ORAC-O tests blood serum levels and NOT antioxidant increase in a test tube.

5. Avoid Artificial Sugars

Ugly Sugars! Artificial chemical compounds can have serious consequences on the structure and function of your cells -  including brain cells!  Studies show that people who consume artificial sugar actually eat more and gain more weight than those who eat sucrose - white table sugar. Artificial sweeteners do not communicate with leptin - The hormone that tells us when we are full.  

6. Eat Low Glycemic Foods

Low glycemic foods keep our blood sugar in balance.  Low glycemic foods are a healthy choice for everyone.  GI means Glycemic Index  and is a rating of a particular for how quickly it raises the blood sugar after being consumed.  High carbohydrate and low fiber means high glycemic food.  To regulate your insulin and blood sugar levels, choose from our low glycemic-guide.  It may help you find balance with blood sugar issues, mood and even help you to lose some extra weight.

7. Daily Exercise 

Move it! We need both aerobic and anaerobic activity.  Our metabolism increases when our muscle mass increases.  Weight bearing exercises increase bone density, build lean muscle mass, and energize us. We release stress through exercise and can relax and sleep more soundly after a workout.  Our immune system even benefits!

8. Eat Protein

Know what you need! We need over half our calories to come from protein.  Your body is unique to you, so learn to eat for your body.  The protein builds essential amino acids that are necessary for healthy cells and neurotransmitters. Plant sourced protein can be found in pea, hemp, chia, broccoli, spinach, artichoke, chickpea, soy, sprouted rice bran, spirulina and quinoa!

9. Add Healthy Fat

Fat does not make us fat! Healthy fats are essential building blocks for the brain and heart. They keep us balanced and help to reduce cravings.  Bad fats such as hydrogenated oils cause inflammation in the arteries and are not healthy. Hydrogenation is a process that turns liquid vegetable oil into a solid fat.  Dangerous fats are those that turn carcinogenic with high heat.  High heat oils are: coconut, grape seed, and avocado. Never cook with olive oil on high heat.... use it on your heart healthy salad... and leave canola oil on the shelf at the store!

10. Nightly Restorative Sleep 

Count your blessings instead of sheep! Not enough sleep increases your stress hormone cortisol.  Increased cortisol depletes your serotonin levels and affects your quality of sleep.  Restorative sleep repairs cells and rejuvenates your body. If you have trouble sleeping, there may be a few things going on that need to be addressed.  Schedule a breakthrough health consultation and we'll talk about your goals and steps you can take to restore your rest.

11. Reduce Stress

Stress can be increasing your cravings! Stress increases cortisol and reduces serotonin levels. We know that amino acids build our body strong during stress. This means we need plenty of protein in our diet.  Cooking at high heat can destroy amino acids, so be careful how you prepare your meat. Also, reducing stress protects our collagen supply, Which improves our skin and bones. ... and who wouldn't want to improve their "face" value!  

12. Correct Nutrient Depletions

Prevention is worth a pound of cure! Medications, toxins, chemicals, stress, and a poor diet deplete nutrients from our body.  Green harvesting before the phytonutrients develop in our plants has made our food severely depleted of vital nourishment.  We seriously need to consider adding real food supplements just to re-supply what is missing.  Here at Renewable Health we have found what we believe to be the gold standard for high quality food form supplementation.

We believe also that if you don't know where you are starting from - you won't know how to get to your wellness destination!  

If you're looking for a clear picture of where you might be deficient, direct lab blood testing can be an excellent option. No doctors appointment necessary.  You are in the drivers seat to choose and order the lab you want.  Then make an appointment with the local blood draw facility in your area and receive the results in YOUR private online account. 

For support and guidance- schedule a consultation with Renewable Health by using our contact form .   

Our amazing and complex body was created for renewed health.  It has the ability to restore, rebuild, and function optimally when we give it the right tools to build with!

3 Keys to Renewable Health


Take one step at a time!


Use these 12 steps to replenish and restore your body naturally.


Work with a Health Coach to reach your goals!