Wellness Workshops 

Renewable Health Workshops are fun and interactive.  They include a variety of resources such as "superfood" samples and take home tools that help participants on their journey toward wellness.  Companies and organizations will develop confidence and teamwork as they build a strong and successful environment of renewed health and wellness.

Lunch and Learn Workshops meet the time and financial constraints of a busy office, while offering employees support with areas such as energy, restorative sleep, and a strong immune system.  

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Renewable Health Workshops
to Choose From


Do you struggled with your weight? Are you a chronic dieter where you lose weight ... then gain it back?

Join this workshop for inspiration and resources that can change your perspective on weight and dieting for life. Counting calories may not be enough to reach your weight goals. Learn what it takes to safely losing inches while still feeling satisfied, successful, and happy. We will discuss the psychology behind eating and why we sometimes get stuck and self-sabotage our own weight loss efforts. We are what we eat AND what is eating us! 


Are you tired of craving sugar... everyday?  This workshop will equip you for the battle to overcome this addictive habit. Learn about specific nutrients that stop sugar cravings, and discover the effectiveness of crowding out empty calories with foods that truly satisfy your hunger. This workshop uncovers "why" sugar is so addictive and gives steps for breaking those annoying sugar cravings.  Find balance and contentment with your daily diet as you develop a strong "why" for becoming sugar free. This one step can change your relationship with sugar for life!


What would your life be like with an abundance of energy and vitality?  Join us and hear about 4 factors that decrease our energy, learn about 4 powerful energy foods, receive resources about 4 energy essentials we need everyday, and discover 4 powerful steps to recharge your energy quickly! At this workshop, you will have the opportunity to sample "Super Energy" foods - and learn how to incorporate nutrients into your daily life that will give you an energy "kick" without chemicals and artificial stimulants!  



Tonight is the best time to put sleep-less-ness to rest.  Sleep deprivation is a chronic condition that affects millions of people.  A lack of restorative sleep destroys energy and takes years off our life!  Discover four important reasons our health relies on restorative sleep and take home effective action steps that you can start implementing immediately to improve your sleep patterns and finally find rest.


Insulin regulation plays an important role in our health and longevity.  Elevated sugar in our blood can damage our heart and organs, and pack on unwanted pounds. Receive valuable information on heart health and blood sugar balanced.  Learn strategic diet and lifestyle changes that will equip you to live with healthy blood sugar and optimal weight for life.


Did you know that over 70% of our immune system is located in our gut? In this workshop you will discover food and lifestyle steps that improve digestion, support a healthy immune system and balanced hormones, and much more!  Implementing these tools and techniques could be the #1 best place to start on your wellness journey.  Excellent class to pair with the Fresh Start Cleanse.


Keep your bones strong, healthy, and growing for life! Did you know that too much calcium may increase your risk for fractures? Or that bone medications can actually make bones more brittle over time? This workshop is packed with information.  We discuss current treatments, lifestyle, and food choices that affect the density and strength of our bones. You will receive recipes and take home resources that will help you to build strong and healthy bones for life! 



Would you like to live out your life with energy, vitality, and purpose- to age with grace?  An important step toward that goal is knowing key factors that influence our body, mind, and spirit as we age.  This workshop includes practical tools and resources for turning back the clock by keeping a sharp mind, strong heart, and a powerful and protective immune system. Join us as we learn to age with grace together!

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Is it time to clean your filter?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you live on a diet of processed foods?
  • Do you eat excess sugar and carbs throughout the day?
  • Do you feel congested, bloated or constipated?
  • Are you 10 or more pounds over your ideal weight?
  • Do you lack energy and often fell tired?
  • Is your skin lacking a healthy glow?
  • Is your hair lacking shine and bounce?
  • Are your nails brittle or have ridges and dips?
  • Do you feel like you are in a fog… not on your game?
  • Have you ever been through a cleansing detox program?

Benefits you may experience:

  • Reduced Cravings
  • Improved Vitality and Energy
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity
  • Improved Circulation
  • Inch loss
  • Identify obesogens and toxic overload

eBook Program Includes:

  • Prep Day Instructions & 7 day plan
  • Recipes - green juices, smoothies, salads, and soups
  • Shopping list for cleanse
  • Day 8 reintroduction phase
  • Trigger Food Information
  • Daily Inspiration                                         

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"Loved the Eating for Energy Workshop.  Great examples of Super Foods!"

- Christy

"Useful tips, practical advice, and a positive message!"

- Susan

Great info, always very informative, good to know the science behind my sleep challanges!"

- Monica

"The food was amazing! Perfect time for reminder of healthy habits!"


"Very Thorough, to the point and informative. Also, speakers are nice and funny!  Great Job!"


"Very satisfied! I would definitely recommend this workshop to my coworkers!"


"I am much more aware of my health habits now."


"The workshop was a lot of fun! I really liked having TNT Wellness come into our office to do the presentation instead of through a webinar"


"It reinforced that my health habits are good and that I should continue with those behaviors."


 7 Day Cleanse eBook   Includes all of the resources you'll need to complete a week of cleansing your liver.  With the optional BONUS of a breakthrough phone consultation that can support you in successfully accomplishing your wellness goals!

Fresh Start Cleanse

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