The Sweet Spot of Renewable Health

Sugar is not all bad.  The Science of Glycobiology is the study of specific sugars that are actually the sweet spot of renewable health.

Sugar is good for us?

A relatively new science called Glycobiology is blowing like wildfire through the scientific community. It has become a sweet spot of discovery that sheds light on how our cells communicate, defend, repair, and restore.  This frontier of science is revolutionizing the concept of renewable health.

Glyco means Sweet

Glyka - Glyko - Glycys -These names are Greek translations for "sweet". Glyco-Biology is the study of monosaccharides (sugars) found in nature and also in and on human cells. When specific sugars are joined with proteins and fats they form glycoproteins and glycolipids.  Check out this TEDx presentation on Glycobiology.

All Sugar is NOT Equal.

Scientists have found that only a few of the 200+ carbohydrates in nature play an important roll in the structure and function of our cells. These monosaccharides do not function like table sugar.  You may recognize some such as glucose and galactose, however, others may be totally new to you.

Glucose we eat fairly often since it is combined with fructose to form Sucrose (table sugar). Galactose is also found readily in our diet. The other essential monosaccharides tend to be harder to find in our food.

Essential Carbohydrates








N-acetyl-neuraminic acid

Where can I find glyco-nutrients?

Glyconutrients are found in a variety of fruits, vegetables, tree saps, mushrooms and seaweeds.  YUM!  

But are they in the food we eat?

After considering the nutrient loss in our food supply today, it's easy to see that we are quickly becoming deficient of glyconutrients in our diet. 

If we no longer eat five or six of the eight essential carbohydrates in our diet, our body must continually convert what we eat into what it needs.

What impact will that have on our health?

Converting what we eat into just one glycoprotein or glycolipid takes a process of many enzymatic steps; throw in sickness and disease and our communication network can begin to break down! Failure to generate even one monosaccharide can be fatal and without cellular communication help may not be on the way!  It may be helpful to supplement.

Powerful Anti-Aging Plan

Your anti-aging program can be an uphill battle without the renewed reinforcement of essential targeted nutrients. Research suggests there is a simple way to enhance our cells communication capability. It is critical that we keep a healthy supply of glyconutrients in our system as building blocks for cell structure and function, and to keep our immune system strong.

Because our food can be extremely deficient of necessary nutrition, I have chosen to supplement with a complete food form glyconutrient formulation. If you're interested in using a supplement to help your body perform optimally, please contact me and I'll be happy to pass along that information to you.

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Could this be the missing link to optimal health?

Science Magazine, the premier journal for researchers and scientists, dedicated the entire issue of March 23rd 2001 (vol.291, pages 2263-2502) to the emerging field of Glycobiology.

Signs that your immune system is stressed:

1. Fatique

2. Frequent Sickness

3. Slow Recovery

4. Serious Illness

The KEY to Renewable Health can be found in Glycobiology and plant source technology!