Renewable Health

Renewable Health is a lifelong journey of feeding our body, heart, and mind so it can flourish and thrive. The choices we make today impact our future.  Renewable Health offers hope and transformation with building blocks that anyone can follow!



If your inbox is anything like mine, it's easy to feel bombarded with new fads, diets, and technologies. We can feel overwhelmed and confused when it comes to choosing the right health path. 

Renewable Health Site is designed to help you sort out the confusion and find what works best for YOU - so you can build a lifelong "love" relationship with wellness.  Here you'll find tips and resources for healthy food and lifestyle choices along with the opportunity to work with a certified holistic health coach.   

Our Coaching Program starts with a simple phone call. We will listen to your goals and challenges and ask you a few questions designed to uncover what might be slowing you down or preventing you from reaching your goals. This will help you decide if coaching is right for you.

If so, together we will design a personalized “road map” for your lifelong journey of health and wellness. The step by step building blocks each week will give you the confidence to reach the destination of your goals with the reward of lasting transformation!  

Renewable Health Consulting also provides workshops and classes for corporations,  organizations, schools, and churches. All of our programs are designed to strengthen and guide your group with simple, fun, and achievable goals for a life time of wellness. Contact us today to get started!

With the right tools …

and the courage to make it happen …

You can live the life you imagine!

Renewable Health is just a click away.

"Just as flowing water brings new life; our body, mind & heart are renewed daily by our food and lifestyle choices" 

-Traci Woodcock